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Fall Out Boy, Hinder for Rock Band

And those Presidents of the USA songs.

MTV and Harmonix have added Fall Out Boy song "I Don't Care" and Hinder track "Use Me" to Rock Band.

Each costs 80 Microsoft Points (GBP 0.68 / EUR 0.96) to download. And that's cheaper than a can of diet Cherry Coke.

The duo arrives alongside the known-about Presidents of the United States of America song pack, which includes "Ladybug", "Feather Pluck'n" and "Dune Buggy".

These can be bought individually for 160 MS Points (GBP 1.36 / EUR 1.92), or for 440 MS Points (GBP 3.74 / EUR 5.28) as a bundle.

All of that is less surprising than the recently-announced European date for Rock Band 2, which will be released as a timed-exclusive for Xbox 360 on 21st November. Instrument bundles will go on sale from early December.

And remember, downloadable content is compatible with both Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2.

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