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Darksiders, Red Faction: Guerrilla delayed

Won't be out till April at the earliest.

THQ has decided to delay the release of Darksiders: Wrath of War and Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Both games were originally due out by April 2009, but now they won't be released until the next fiscal year. In the old money, that means some time before the end of March 2010.

The news came in THQ's latest financial report, which also revealed second-quarter losses of USD 115.3 million. Whoops.

As a result, the publisher plans to close five studios, make around 250 staff redundant and throw various works-in-progress in the bin.

THQ is also planning to expand into Asia, however. Free-to-play MMO Dragonia will launch there in 2009, while WWE Online will follow in 2010. The publisher is also opening a new office in Shanghai.

In other THQ-related news, 2 million copies of Saints Row 2 have now been shipped worldwide. Gosh.

You can find out more about the delayed titles on the Darksiders and Red Faction: Guerrilla gamepages.