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Van Damme Street Fighter for Blu-ray

"No! You've lost your balls!"

Capcom has warned us that the 1994 Street Fighter film is coming out on Blu-ray.

Street Fighter: Extreme Edition will be out in US shops from 10th February 2009, which is around the same time that new film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li launches there.

But let's go back to the '90s, when Jean-Claude Van Damme took a starring role as Guile, and Kylie Minogue sprung up as Cammy. By all accounts the live action film was bobbins, but will return in 1080p with 5.1 sound nonetheless, according the Capcom blog.

There are also numerous bonus features: trailers for SF IV game and anime; a Making Of documentary, out-takes and deleted scenes; storyboard and videogame sequences; and miscellaneous Cyberwalk, Archive and My Scenes features.

There's commentary from film director Steven de Souza, too, plus BD Live and My Scenes bits and bobs.

We'll probably buy it.