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EA scraps Casual publishing label

As market "defies a single genre".

EA has decided to bin its standalone Casual label, according to a statement.

The Casual Label will, along with the Hasbro partnership, be merged with The Sims Label. And this exciting new venture will be given the punchy name of the Sims and Casual Label.

Kathy Vrabeck, who lead the initiative, has subsequently left the company. Her departure comes as 600 others were laid off at the company last week, when EA set about fixing the USD 310 million net loss sustained during the financial quarter.

EA divided into four publishing units - Games, Casual, Sims, Sports - back in June 2007. EA Casual was responsible for wonderful Wii game Boom Blox, as well as titles such as Harry Potter, Monopoly, Littlest Pet Shop and some mobile games.

EA All-Play, incidentally, is the Wii-focused EA Sports label. We were confused about this; this and a lot of other things.