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12th May 2008

Boom Blox

Boom Blox sequel due this spring

Boom Blox sequel due this spring

More multiplayer, DLC, 400 new levels.

The Hollywood Reporter brings the welcome news that last year's best Wii game (unless you count Okami), EA's action-puzzler Boom Blox, will get a sequel as soon as spring this year.

Boom Blox Bash Party will offer Wii owners "increased multiplayer action and more than 400 new levels that take players from underwater into outer space", according to the report. It will also offer online multiplayer, and additional levels available as downloadable content - for a fee, naturally.

Movie mogul Steven Spielberg is still attaching his name to the project, and to frothy quotes for press releases.

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Boom Blox

Boom Blox

The game your Wii was made for.

Play Boom Blox for a few hours, or ten, and making a cup of tea becomes a whole new experience. Normally, you'd pluck a mug from the higgedly-piggedly pile in the cupboard without thinking about it. Now you're wondering whether you can pull out the red one from the bottom without smashing the lot. Normally, while the kettle boils, you'd mull over mundane topics like the weather or the broken drawer or the fate of Patrick Kielty. Now you're wondering whether throwing a bowling ball at the microwave would knock the toaster into the sink. This is one way you know Boom Blox is a great puzzle game.

But Boom Blox isn't just a great puzzle game. It's a great Wii game, which isn't a phrase some of us get to use very often. In fact, it's the best Wii game I've ever played. (Bear in mind Wii games I have played include AMF Bowling Pinbusters, Cruis'n and Game Party, I don't care for Super Mario Galaxy and I still haven't played Okami, Super Smash Bros. Brawl or forthcoming rodeo sim Professional Bull Riders.)

Too many Wii titles feel like traditional videogames with remote and nunchuk bits tacked on for the sake of it. This is a particular problem with multi-platform titles such as Tomb Raider Anniversary, but it also occurs in Wii exclusives. Shaking the nunchuk to make Mario perform a spin move feels a bit pointless, jerking the remote around so Link will fire an arrow a bit silly. Wii Sports makes excellent use of the controllers, offering an experience you can't really get from any other console at present, but the novelty wears off and what you're left with doesn't have much depth.

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EA Casual Roundup

Casual need a break occasionally.

Away from Planet GTA and the column-inch-hogging torrent of associated mega-numbers, another stat smuggled through in a press release this week said just as much about today's games market as any midnight queues outside your local ASDA.

No head-tracking in Boom Blox

Feature has been removed.

Remember back in February, when we reported you'd be able to play Wii title Boom Blox just by moving your head about? Well you won't.

Boom Blox gets firm release date

Boom Blox gets firm release date

Spielberg's effort coming very soon.

Electronic Arts has told Eurogamer that Boom Blox, the Steven Spielberg-developed game for Wii, will be released in Europe on May 9th.

Boom Blox is a cute and colourful effort which involves throwing blocks around, building structures and blasting them apart. You can also "remix" any level in the game and share your design online.

"My inspiration for this game came while I was playing the Wii for the first time," said Spielberg. "Boom Blox plays on the enjoyment of building and knocking down blocks, something that can appeal innately to kids and adults of all ages."

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Spielberg Wii game coming in May

Boom Blox. Contains mini-games.

The codenamed "PQRS" Wii puzzle title Steven Spielberg has been helping EA with has been officially unveiled. They've been planning this for a million years. We're beat to sh*t.