Boom Blox

Key events

12th May 2008

Boom Blox

Boom Blox sequel due this spring

More multiplayer, DLC, 400 new levels.

EA commentless on Boom Blox 2 sighting

Top secret studio spills beans.

EA scraps Casual publishing label

As market "defies a single genre".

EA doing 40 games for Wii and DS

Following success of Boom Blox.

What Wii owners are playing most

US stats make for interesting reading.

Boom Blox

The game your Wii was made for.

EA Casual Roundup

Casual need a break occasionally.

No head-tracking in Boom Blox

Feature has been removed.

Boom Blox gets firm release date

Spielberg's effort coming very soon.

Boom Blox to feature head tracking

Play just by moving braincase about.

Spielberg Wii game coming in May

Boom Blox. Contains mini-games.