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160GB PS3, wireless keypad unveiled

Latter "could be used" for game controls.

Sony plans to release a 160GB PlayStation 3 on 31st October.

The 80GB model is due out on 22nd August in Europe, European boss David Reeves confirmed during Sony's Games Convention conference this afternoon, but those of you after more space might want to hang on.

The 160GB PS3 will cost EUR 449, and boasts the same feature-set as the 80GB model, but also comes with EUR 70 of additional downloadable content "to be announced closer to the release date".

Reeves also announced plans for a wireless keypad for PlayStation 3, which apparently looks a bit like a Blackberry keyboard and "could be used for game development in the future".

Sony subsequently said it would be released in North America in November and in Europe by the end of the year.

"It's very compact, easy to use and detachable to Sixaxis and Dual Shock controllers," Reeves told the audience, demonstrating this by almost flinging it into the audience as he attached and removed it.

The keypad will also include a touch-pad to handle mouse input. It's about making easier to use the web-browser, among other things.

On top of that, there are shortcut buttons for Communication and Message Box, allowing you to hop to things like your friends list on the XMB without delay.

There will be eight versions in PAL territories to support various language requirements (Sony loves multi-language releases, as those of us still waiting for PSN releases from the Dark Ages can attest).

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