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Turbine planning console MMO "products"

Won't say whether that means LOTRO.

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Turbine boss Jeff Steefel has said the studio is planning to release MMO titles for consoles in the future.

Speaking to Videogaming247 he said, "We’re really not talking about what our console product plans are, but we will be soon.

"I would guess by early next year’s we’ll be able to be much more specific about what we’re doing with console, what kind of products we’re putting on console."

Steefel's statement was in response to a question about whether Turbine-developed PC MMO Lord of the Rings Online will make it to consoles. He declined to talk about LOTRO directly, however.

The exec did say Turbine is currently doing "early development work", and talking to hardware manufacturers to understand more about their online plans.

The new LOTRO expansion pack, Mines of Moria, is out on 18th November.