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Win thousands of MS Points this week

Download XBL content to enter.

Microsoft will be giving away over a million MS Points this week - and all you have to do to be in with a chance is use the New Xbox Experience to download Marketplace content.

Specifically, gamers from the US, Canada, Singapore and the UK (over 18) will stand a shot at 46 prizes, the star attraction of which is a whopping 500,000 MS Points (GBP 4250).

After that, there are five lots of 50,000 MS Points (GBP 425), ten batches of 10,000 MS Points (GBP 85), and 30 lumps of 5000 MS Points (GBP 42.50).

To enter, all you have to do is download a film, a telly show, a full Xbox Live Arcade game, an Xbox Originals game or a game add-on.

The sweepstake runs from 2pm (GMT) Wednesday 19th November (New Xbox Experience launch), to early morning on Monday 24th November.

There are a maximum of ten entries per Xbox Live profile, and registration involves downloading the "NXE Download and Win" gamer picture.

You could buy lots of horse armour with that money.

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