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Jumpgate beta nets 150,000 sign-ups

Space combat MMO readies for launch.

Codemasters Online has announced that 150,000 people have signed up for the beta test of its massively multiplayer space combat game Jumpgate: Evolution.

Not bad for a game that started out with a development team of just ten people at its Colorado-based studio, NetDevil.

Sign-up is still open over at the official Jumpgate website, if you fancy a pop.

Jumpgate Evolution is a space-based MMO with a more seat-of-the-pants approach to combat than the famously complex and cerebral EVE Online. Codemasters likes to call it a spiritual successor to Elite and X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter.

The game is set for release on PC in early 2009, with closed beta due to start soon. Check the Jumpgate Evolution gamepage to get up to speed, and stay tuned. Eurogamer MMO will have lots more on the game before long.