Jumpgate: Evolution

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Jumpgate creators turn to Kickstarter for new project

END Games crowdfund space dogfight epic Squad Wars.

END Games, a new studio set up by the creators of popular space MMO Jumpgate, has launched a Kickstarter drive for its debut project - a "true hardcore PvP space combat" game titled Squad Wars.

Codies seeks Jumpgate delay damages

Will the sci-fi MMO ever be released?

Science fiction MMO fans wondering what's happening with the long in development Jumpgate Evolution were finally given an update today but it's not good news.

Jumpgate beta signs 250,000 people

Jumpgate beta signs 250,000 people

Codemasters' most popular MMO so far.

Codemasters Online has announced that Jumpgate Evolution has reached 250,000 beta sign-ups across Europe and North America.

That figure makes the spaceship MMO beta the biggest Codemasters Online has had yet.

The MMO was originally down for release last year before moving to - and missing - a June 2009 date.

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Jumpgate Evolution

Modular Darwinism.

Vibrant colours aren't usually the first things that spring to mind when you visualise a space combat game. Our science-fiction heritage has left us with an image of space that is grim and murky, and full of people screaming but not being heard. Jumpgate isn't like that. Visually, Jumpgate is almost the interstellar equivalent of World Of Warcraft's cartoon fantasy: colourful worlds with unlikely spaceships whizzing between warmly-lit asteroids to unleash unsubtle lasers upon their evil-hued enemies. It's similar in a technical sense too, since your cranky old laptop is going to be able to run this game quite merrily. Jumpgate will have one of the lowest system spec requirements of any mainstream MMO to launch in the past two years.

Jumpgate Evolution will run on anything

Space MMO does the system reqs limbo.

Codemasters Online has announced the system requirements for NetDevil's space combat MMO, Jumpgate Evolution. Turns out it will run on virtually any modern PC.

Jumpgate: Evolution

NetDevil's Peterscheck on the return of the joystick.

Late last week we got a chance to speak to NetDevil's Hermann Peterscheck about the development of the company's reborn space MMO, Jumpgate Evolution. The project is intriguing: it's essentially a remake of the company's first game, the action-shooter MMO Jumpgate, which was released in 2001 and is still pottering away today. Evolution sees the concept expanded, extended, and pumped up with all the pixel-shader hormones of a brand new current-gen graphics engine. The core concept, however, remains the same: a space combat game where you fly your ship in real time and do damage in real time. It is closer in its genetics to Elite or Freespace than it is to EVE Online, and is one of the most interesting MMO projects currently on our radar. Let's find out more...

Jumpgate beta nets 150,000 sign-ups

Jumpgate beta nets 150,000 sign-ups

Space combat MMO readies for launch.

Codemasters Online has announced that 150,000 people have signed up for the beta test of its massively multiplayer space combat game Jumpgate: Evolution.

Not bad for a game that started out with a development team of just ten people at its Colorado-based studio, NetDevil.

Sign-up is still open over at the official Jumpgate website, if you fancy a pop.

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Jumpgate beta sign-ups begin

Jumpgate beta sign-ups begin

Early chance to try the space combat MMO.

Codemasters Online has opened registration for the beta test for its upcoming space combat MMO, Jumpgate: Evolution.

You can sign up, and check out the new community portal, at theofficial website.

Jumpgate: Evolution is developer NetDevil's sequel to its cult 2001 space MMO, Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. It's a more fast-paced, action-oriented take on massively multiplayer space piloting than its Icelandic counterpart, EVE Online. Codemasters representatives like to mention the classic Elite a lot when discussing it, and who can blame them.

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The best MMO April Fools

Blizzard wins. Again.

There isn't much in the way of fresh MMO news this morning, because the world of massively multiplayer gaming spent most of yesterday trying to outdo itself - and every other section of the gaming industry - in an orgy of funny fakery. And we have to say it did rather well.

Jumpgate: Evolution

Space saving.

Ten people. That's the size of the team at NetDevil currently working on Jumpgate: Evolution. This sceince-fiction, space-combat MMO, only recently announced and due out by the end of this year, is flying (and shooting) in the face of the wisdom received from Activision chief Bobby Kotick - that it would cost at least half a billion dollars to succeed in massively multiplayer gaming.