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Jumpgate Evolution will run on anything

Space MMO does the system reqs limbo.

Codemasters Online has announced the system requirements for NetDevil's space combat MMO, Jumpgate Evolution. Turns out it will run on virtually any modern PC.

The minimum specs are an Intel 1.4GHz P4 (2GHz if using Vista), 512MB of RAM (1GB if using Vista), and a measly 64MB graphics card.

Recommended specs are a dual-core Intel Pemtium D, 2GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card. None of which stops the game from being rather pretty, as you can see from the latest screens.

More scalability means more players, reckons Codemasters, plus the ability to play the game on a wide spectrum of laptops. Continuing to bang the accessibility drum, the publisher points out that the game will support joypad control (including the 360 controller for Windows) as well as flight-sim joysticks.

Jumpgate blends the character advancement, large-scale player-versus-player warfare and trading of MMOs with fast-paced, skill-based twitch combat straight out of that long-neglected genre, the space dogfighter.

It's due in beta before too long, and we'll have more on the game soon. In the meantime, check out the articles and media on the Jumpgate Evolution gamepage.