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Eurogamer Italia launches

New pin appears in map on office wall.

Eurogamer is proud to announce the launch of its sixth European-language website, Eurogamer Italia.

Yes, it's Italian, and it's now available for your perusal at eurogamer.it.

Say hello to our new best friends Luca De Dominicis, the site's managing director, and publishing director Alberto Belli, who previously worked for Xbox Magazine, OPM and Edge Italy.

"We're really proud to publish Eurogamer here in Italy, pushing one of the most important editorial brands in the world and the number one in Europe," said Luca, who informs us he does indeed live on the second floor.

"We’re sure that the Italian audience will appreciate the quality and richness of content and interactive tools Eurogamer has to offer."

Not content with launching a spanky new website, Eurogamer Italia has also partnered with Gameland, the biggest console videogames tournament in Europe. More than 4000 players from all over the world will be competing for an EUR 80,000 prize pool, and the event will take place in Rome's famous Auditorium. As opposed to the secret Auditorium no one knows about.

Eurogamer now has local-language websites in the UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Benelux, Spain and Italy, can you imagine? More than 2.6 million unique users visited the sites during October, which meant we could colour in another bar on the office totaliser, so thanks for that.