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GTA IV for PC has 32-player multi

In some modes, at any rate.

One final, and quite tasty, morsel of information about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV ahead of its release next week: there's multiplayer support for up to 32 players.

That's a twofold increase on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, which were capped at 16 players in all modes.

The news comes via some brief hands-on impressions over at IGN. The site notes that the increased player cap will only apply to some of the game's competitive and co-operative modes.

IGN witnessed 32-player team deathmatch and race matches first-hand, and heard that the unstructured free mode would also work with 32 players - but that 'Cops'n'Crooks' is still limited to 16 players.

The PC version also adds a video editor, as we revealed in our own hands-on preview.

Grand Theft Auto IV for PC is released next Wednesday, 3rd December, in Europe. Check out the GTA IV PC gamepage for more info, and look out for our review very soon indeed. Although this should give you some idea what to expect.