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Nine songs for Rock Band this week

All going cheap, including one freebie.

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December's first Rock Band downloadable content is a pick-and-mix of single tracks from a broad selection of groups and a couple of efforts from Naked Brothers Band, Harmonix has said in its regular DLC update.

There's even a free track - "Headphones On" by Miranda Cosgrove - alongside songs from Children of Bodom, Finley, Platero y Tu, Squeeze, Tokio Hotel and The All-American Rejects, with the latter six tunes at a cheapo 80 Microsoft Points (GBP 0.68 / EUR 0.96) or USD 0.99 on PSN for one month.

All nine tracks will be made available through Xbox Live Marketplace on 2nd December and on PSN from 4th December, all are based on master recordings, and as usual all work with both Rock Band and Rock Band 2. See below for the full list and pricing:

Tracks available this week:

  • Children of Bodom - "Are You Dead Yet" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 for one month)
  • Finley - "Tutto E' Possible" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 for one month)
  • Miranda Cosgrove - "Headphones On" (free)
  • Naked Brothers Band - "Body I Occupy" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 permanently)
  • Naked Brothers Band - "I Don't Want to Go to School" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 permanently)
  • Platero y Tu - "Hay Poco Rock N Roll" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 for one month)
  • Squeeze - "Tempted" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 for one month)
  • Tokio Hotel - "Ready, Set, Go" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 for one month)
  • The All-American Rejects - "Real World" (80 MSP / USD 0.99 for one month)

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