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Capcom wins Dead Rising lawsuit

They officially didn't copy George Romero.

Capcom has won a court battle proving that Dead Rising does not copy either of the Dawn of the Dead films.

The clincher, ruled Judge Richard Seeborg, is that the videogame doesn't offer a social commentary on the real world.

"It is confined to the killing of zombies in the process of attempting to unlock the cause of the zombie infestation," said the Judge of the Dead Rising theme, according to GameSpot.

"The social commentary MKR draws from Dawn of the Dead, in other words, appears totally absent from the combat focus found in Dead Rising."

The MKR Group, which is the self-proclaimed owner of the George A. Romero horror film, threatened Capcom with a lawsuit back in February.

But the publisher pre-empted the blow, seeking a legal declaration of individuality from the US court. This move, like a well-timed Dragon Punch, seems to have paid off.

Eurogamer recently learned that Canadian developer Blue Castle is working on Dead Rising 2. All other details for the moment, however, are scarce.

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