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The Wheelman shapes up for February

Can Vin Diesel pull off another Riddick?

Midway plans to release Hollywood-style driving game The Wheelman on 20th February. This is the game recently pushed back to 2009 in order to allow more time to improve the quality.

The Wheelman is a collaboration between Midway Newcastle and Tigon Studios for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Film star Vin Diesel founded Tigon Studios back in 2002. It played a key role in the development of the excellent Chronicles of Riddick games.

The idea in The Wheelman is to infiltrate and expose an underground crime syndicate in Barcelona by offering your services as a top notch driver for hire.

"We're designing Wheelman to play like a Hollywood blockbuster," mumbled Vin Diesel, who main character Milo Burlik looks, sounds and acts like.

"Playing this game will be just like taking control of the greatest car chases from feature films, except this time you're in the driver's seat."

Glitzy mission-based driving, then, sparked by the ability to ram other cars off the road and pull-off set piece-style moves.

"This is not just another run-of-the-mill, licensed Hollywood knock-off," said Midway boss Matt Booty, who's throwing millions of pounds at marketing for the project.

Head over to The Wheelman gamepage for our first impressions, plus all the media released to date.

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