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The Wheelman veers into 2009

Midway establishes quality road block.

Midway has steered The Wheelman into early 2009 in order to give its Newcastle studio more time to bring it up to scratch.

We had expected the mission-based driving game on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this autumn, which was already later than the initial unveil-prediction of last Christmas.

"Midway is committed to developing and publishing high-quality games. It is important for us to support the development team with the resources and time needed to make Wheelman a great game experience," a spokesperson told GameSpot in a statement.

The Wheelman is a simultaneous film and game collaboration between Midway, MTV, and Paramount Pictures.

The movie will star muscular lump Vin Diesel, who just happens to own Tigon Studios, the development company overseeing the game.

We thought The Wheelman looked alright when we saw it back in April, although the on-foot sections were a little clumsy.

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