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Midway cements Wheelman delay

Vin Diesel car thriller stalls to March.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Midway has told Eurogamer that The Wheelman has indeed slipped to 20th March.

The driving game featuring and influenced by Vin Diesel had been expected exactly a month earlier. The delay was to provide a "more optimal launch timeframe", according to the publisher, which could mean anything. We're also told there will be a pre-launch demo, but there's no specific timing mentioned.

The Wheelman is a collaboration between Midway Newcastle and Tigon Studios for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Vin Diesel formed Tigon back in 2002, and played a key role helping develop the celebrated Chronicles of Riddick titles.

The original plan had been to launch a Wheelman film alongside the game, but the big-screen adaptation appears to have gone missing, a bit like Vin Diesel's Hollywood career.

The Wheelman stars the mumbling hulk as the good guy who wrecks a crime syndicate in Barcelona by doing clever stunts in vehicles and shooting guns.

Head over to The Wheelman gamepage to find out more.

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