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Ubisoft to help publish Wheelman

Midway still involved though, honest.

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Ubisoft has entered into a "strategic relationship" with Midway to publish Wheelman, the new openworld driving game starring Vin Diesel.

Midway's new best friend will handle sales, marketing and distribution of the game in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland and the UK. However, the press release says, "Midway will continue to direct the development of the title and retains all future rights to the franchise, and will sell the title in all other European territories." So there.

It also looks like the game's slipped a week. Wheelman had been down for release on 20th March, but the new press release lists 27th March for Europe. The US will get it three days earlier. A demo will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 before launch.

It's all got something to do with the fact Midway filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently, a legal process we don't understand apart from the fact the word "bankruptcy" probably isn't good.

Perhaps Vin Diesel will save them - Rob certainly thought Wheelman was looking good when he got to go hands-on recently. Read his preview for the full lowdown.

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