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All NXE preview sign-ups get it early

If you applied properly, you're in.

Microsoft has revealed that if you signed up for the New Xbox Experience preview programme but didn't get in, you're in anyway.

"Instead of adding another 10,000 people to the preview program like we did last week, we've decided to do something a little different: everyone who successfully applied to the preview program (and submitted a valid console ID) will be getting the New Xbox Experience sometime within the next few hours," wrote an excited Major Nelson overnight.

"If you signed up and are not prompted, that means you did not enter your console ID properly and you'll have to wait until Wednesday."

We suppose that's one way of avoiding 14 million people going on the internet tomorrow to download a ****load of data at once.

Check out our New Xbox Experience page for hands-on impressions of the new interface, videos of it in action and the latest screenshots and other info.

Or, if you signed up, just turn on your Xbox 360. Otherwise you'll see it go live tomorrow morning. I've already bagsied the gold chain for my Avatar so you can't have that.