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Live Fallout 3 interview Tuesday 4pm

Pete Hines to answer questions.

Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines will be live on Eurogamer.net tomorrow afternoon at 4pm GMT to answer your questions about Fallout 3.

As with all our live interviews, you will be able to submit questions through a moderator, and Hines' responses will be posted to the site as soon as they're done. You don't even need to refresh the page.

Fallout 3, which came out in the UK on Friday, has done very well in reviews and later tonight we'll get our first chance to gauge its impact on the charts, so tomorrow will be an interesting time to speak to Hines.

Perhaps we can also get him to drop hints about the upcoming, Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable content, although we doubt it.

"I'm really looking forward to talking to Fallout 3 fans and finding out what questions they have following the game's release in the UK," was what Hines said when we asked for a quote for our silly story. Thanks Pete!

Check out our Fallout 3 review for more on the game, and remember, 4pm GMT tomorrow.

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