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PS3 Trophies mandatory from January

Sony orders developers to love you.

Sony has said that all PlayStation 3 games submitted for certification from January onwards will have to include Trophy support.

"Trophies will be mandatory for titles submitted after January 1, 2009," Sony told GameSpot.

"Of course, many teams have already started to incorporate Trophies and have added support for older titles."

Support for the PS3's Achievement-esque reward system has arguably been patchy since its implementation this summer, with a few big developers going back to add it in (Uncharted, Burnout Paradise, etc.) but others apparently content to wait for their next game instead.

The lack of retroactive rewards - forcing players to go through the games all over again - may have something to do with the slow take-up.

There have even been a few releases in the last few weeks lacking them, like Fallout 3, although Pete Hines told us earlier this month that they will be added.

However, pretty much everything else coming out at the moment has Trophies, whether it's a port like BioShock, a third-party racer like Midnight Club: Los Angeles, or a triple-A Sony effort like Resistance 2.