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Space Invaders and others for Wii VC

Others: Forgotten Worlds, Metal Slug 2.

Gamers may be nearing the end of the annual road to where's-all-my-money-gone, but that hasn't deterred Nintendo from updating the Virtual Console with three more treasures from the retro archives this Friday. Although your treasure may vary.

First up is Space Invaders: The Original Game for the Super Nintendo, which at 800 Wii Points (GBP 6 / EUR 7.70) sounds a bit overpriced, but let's hear it out. There's four game modes with different orientations, and, er, that's it. Perhaps you'd be better off putting that money towards discounted copies of Space Invaders Extreme on PSP or DS.

Next there's Forgotten Worlds on the Megadrive, also for 800 Wii Points, which is a side-scrolling shooter from Capcom, although not the best version of it according to our extensive research on Wikipedia. It's also worth noting that this made it into the Capcom Classics Collection on PS2/Xbox and the remixed PSP release.

Finally there's Metal Slug 2 for the NeoGeo at a slightly higher 900 Wii Points (approx. GBP 6.30 / EUR 8.10). Much as we adore all things Metal Slug, we expect others who adore all things Metal Slug have probably already adored Metal Slug Anthology, of which this is also a part, and which is also out on the Wii.

Oddly we never reviewed it (we'll see about rectifying that, if you like - we know you enjoy two-year-old reviews), but we'll be taking a look at MS2 and its counterparts in a forthcoming Virtual Console Roundup, as per.