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DSi equipped with 256MB memory

R4 and equivalents blocked.

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Nintendo has updated the firmware for its new DSi handheld already, and early hands-on with the new unit reveals that it includes 1,024 "blocks" (around 256MB) of onboard flash memory in addition to SD card support.

However, our very old friend Internet Reports claims that R4 cards and other filthy piracy/pure-hearted homebrew add-ons no longer work (thanks DS Fanboy).

The new DSi with its fancy, Wii-style scrolly menu screen and DSi Shop, will download the 1.1 firmware update once it's configured for internet access via Wi-Fi, but you're not missing out on much if you can't figure out the Japanese menus - the only download for now is the free Opera web-browser, and IGN reckons this is complete cack.

Those of you contemplating an import will also want to bear in mind that all the menus are in Japanese with no English language option this time.

Most of the core stuff is simple (user information, Wi-Fi, brightness, calibration, firmware updates, etc.) once you've figured out what's on each of the system menu's tabs, but you might want to hang around for a step-by-step guide if you plan to play around with the image-manipulation features of the camera suite.

Look out for our hands-on impressions of the Nintendo DSi later this week.

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