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D&D Online gets DX10, Hirelings

New starting experience too in Module 8.

Haven't checked in with this one in a while. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach - Turbine's other MMO, alongside Lord of the Rings Online - is getting DirectX 10 support and some substantial new features in the update known as Module 8: Prisoners of Prophecy.

The update went live in the US yesterday. According to Codemasters, it will be released in Europe on November 13th, but we're going to tell you about it now, because something tells us another MMO might be keeping us busy on that day.

Prisoners of Prophecy delivers a DX10 engine upgrade to the game, improving the shaders for water, particle and lighting effects.

The most significant gameplay change will be the introduction of Hirelings. These "player-controlled NPC combatants" are intended to open up more of the game to solo players: each has a given class, level and personality. Players can contract one Hireling at a time, at their level or lower. The system will be introduced through live in-game events after Prisoners of Prophecy launches.

There will also be a "more story-based and friendly" introduction to the game, intended to make it more accessible. You'll be able to create characters without having to manually assign all their stat and skill points.

The Prisoners of the Prophecy storyline will also take high-level players through four new dungeons and three new wilderness areas.

We'll be revisiting Dungeons & Dragons Online soon to let you know how the game has fared in the two and a half years since its release.

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