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Dragon Age DLC back up "very soon"

Return to Ostagar will indeed return.

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BioWare bossman Ray Muzyka has said it Return to Ostagar, the downloadable content pack for Dragon Age: Origins, is set for an imminent re-release.

"It's almost through certification and it will go back up very soon," he told Gamerzines.

And BioWare's plans don't stop there - "We have a big investment planned for Dragon Age with more DLC coming in the next week or so," said Muzyka. Return to Ostagar launched earlier this month but was swiftly recalled. According to Muzyka, the problem was all in the timing.

"We ran into an issue with a title update simultaneously hitting with Return to Ostagar and there was a timing issue with both of those," he said.

"I don't know if it was a communication error with our distribution partners or what happened there. If they were released in order it would have been fine but it created a bug which prevented progression and obviously that wasn't acceptable so we pulled it down."

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