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Live BioWare interview today!

Bossman Ray Muzyka answers to you.

BioWare's big boss Dr Ray Muzyka will be answering Eurogamer readers' questions live on the website today.

Be here at 5pm GMT to see what he has to say. Or be here from 4pm GMT to submit your questions to the BioWare co-founder, general manager and co-CEO.

Muzyka joins Eurogamer on the eve of European Mass Effect 2 release. And the accolades for the PC and Xbox 360 space opera can come no higher, as Eurogamer awards the role-playing game a 10/10.

Editor Tom Bramwell called the game "utterly essential" and said this series could become the most important in BioWare's history. Considering that BioWare created Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age and Jade Empire, those implications are eye-popping.

But Muzyka's influence on the world of RPGs does not stop at BioWare: having been acquired by EA in 2007, the good doctor now finds himself as the senior vice president of EA's entire RPG/MMO Group, which presides over Mythic Entertainment.

With Mass Effect 2 on our doorstep and Mass Effect 3, more Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic on the horizon, few come bigger than BioWare's Dr Ray Muzyka.

Have we made him sound important enough now? Because he is, he really is.

Obviously demand for this one will be sky-high, so get your questions in early and make them count.