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EA spreading NBA Jam onto Wii

Ground-breaking sports IP revived.

Nineties arcade champion NBA Jam is reported to be returning to life exclusively on Wii.

EA will make the game, revealed an ESPN report, under the watchful eye Mark Turnell - the former Midway man responsible for the original NBA Jam. No other details are given. EA UK has offered "no comment" on the matter.

If true, this puts an end to speculation sparked by EA Sports community manager Alan Quinto, whose December Tweet said the company was gearing for a new game announcement.

NBA Jam was released in North American arcades in 1993 and proved such a hit that machines needed their money stomachs emptied daily. Apparently the original arcade flock generated around $1bn in quarters.

Jam's draw was larger-than-life, two-on-two basketball, where there were next to no rules and gravity defying slam-dunks. Score consistently and players would literally be "on fire", gaining permanent turbo-boosts and more.