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Be Origami Killer in Heavy Rain DLC

Cage lets it out of the cage. Selecta.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

David Cage has revealed that one episode of Heavy Rain's Chronicles DLC puts you in the body of the Origami Killer himself.

Over the course of an hour you'll uncover the reason for his murderous obsession, Cage told (helpfully decoded by our friends at Eurogamer France).

Another Chronicle will be based on FBI profiler Norman Jayden, and in it we'll find out where he got his scar and how he became addicted to prescription psychoactive drug Triptocaine.

And there's also the episode starring photographer Madison Paige, who trots off to investigate a taxidermist and unsurprisingly runs into a spot of bother. We'll find out why she can't sleep, too.

The Heavy Rain Chronicles will be around an hour long, according to Cage David, and serve as prequels to the characters in Heavy Rain. Nothing has been said about episodes starring the other two leads, Ethan Mars and Scott Shelby.

Sony announced the Chronicles DLC last year and told us it would comprise of two instalments, both to be available after Heavy Rain's release - 26th February.

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