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New PAL Releases Roundup - 29/01/10

Mass Effect 2! MAG! Tatsunoko vs. Capcom!

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This week's biggie is Mass Effect 2, at least for those people that own a PC or Xbox 360. I'm not going to bang on about it, as we've done quite enough of that in our shambles-slash-podcast. Check out our 10/10 Mass Effect 2 review if you really must know more.

And there are other games of note this week. Take MAG, the multiplayer shooter for PS3. This is genuinely groundbreaking for a console game; 256-player battles online with a pseudo-MMO framework to level-up within. Zipper's creation may not appeal to all, but certainly all should take heed.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom should provide a breath of fresh air for Wii owners this week. It's a fighting game by Capcom; a rare addition on Wii by a company that does fighting games. Look out for our review soon.

Broken Sword's been released on iPhone this week, should you not have noticed amidst all the iPad fwappery.

Finally, Assassin's Creed II expanded via The Battle of Forli DLC this week, although this turned out to be poor and not worthy of your cash.


  • Mass Effect 2 (PC, Xbox 360)
  • MAG (PS3)
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Wii)

Xbox Live Arcade

  • KrissX

PlayStation Network

  • Thexder Neo
  • Polar Panic


  • 530 Eco Shooter


  • Legends of Exidia
  • Electroplankton (Luminarrow, Sun-Animalcule)

Virtual Console

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2

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