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Cowboy duels on WiiWare today

Laserdisc's Fast Draw Showdown returns.

There's a 2D platformer on WiiWare today called Max & the Magic Marker that looks wholesome and accomplished and worthwhile. The idea is to traverse the eye-pleasing levels and overcome puzzles by drawing shapes using the Wiimote and they'll become real objects in the game. It costs 1000 Wii Points (£7/€10), and there's a PC demo on the proper website to try.

But I don't care: not when there are cowboy gun duels on offer. Because today - fresh from the laserdisc vaults - arrives Fast Draw Showdown, where filmed actors await a quick-draw shoot out. Just don't expect depth and substance. Costs 500 Wii Points (£3.50/€5).

On DSiWare today, there's more Electroplankton. This time it's the Nanocarp and Trapy creatures you'll be able to tap and make sounds with, providing you pay 200 DSi Points (£1.80/€2) apiece.


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