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Big LA Noire reveal coming next month

"In-depth" details in magazine cover story.

Rockstar has said that February will see the first "in-depth" details of LA Noire released to the public.

"There will be something great to see soon - a proper in-depth look at the game and why it is so ground breaking and innovative, both in terms of the game's design and the amazing new technology to support it," the publisher wrote in a Q&A on its website.

"Expect to see a long-awaited reveal via a big cover story next month."

Developed by Team Bondi, the studio set up by The Getaway director Brendan McNamara to develop a PlayStation 3 game in early 2004, LA Noire has been seen only fleetingly since then in a series of trailers.

The first two of these came in late 2006 in the form of a teaser and cinematic, before everything went quiet again until another CG trailer in September last year which depicted a couple of cops chasing down a suspect and then punching him off a rooftop to the accompaniment of moody jazz.

It's not clear whether the game is still a PlayStation 3 exclusive, with Rockstar evading that part of the question in the website Q&A.

Elsewhere, Rockstar also addressed recent accusations about working conditions at its San Diego studio, which is developing Red Dead Redemption.