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MGS Peace Walker has base building

Competitive MP and singing tanks.

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The upcoming PSP Metal Gear Solid game, Peace Walker, has base building, competitive multiplayer and singing tanks.

When enemies are killed in the game - due out 28th May - they die and go to Mother Base: your sea rig. Using the Fulton Recovery System they're put back on their feet and join your cause, gaining unique attributes to help Snake out.

The more you collect, the bigger Mother Base grows, gaining new functions as it does so. Snake's weapons can be upgraded or transformed into all-new armaments there, too.

We've known about four-player co-op for a while, but today Konami's confirmed three-on-three team multiplayer via the PSP's ad hoc connection. Much inspiration has been taken from Metal Gear Solid Online.

Oh, and Peace Walker's tanks, planes and hovering machines can talk and sing in combat. How? Apparently we'll find out as the story unfolds.

Kojima's new PSP game also introduces CPR for downed team members and even more giant bosses to hurt, facially.

Find out more on our Peace Walker gamepage below.

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