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Broken Sword for iPhone next month

Director's Cut gives you extra.

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Charles Cecil's Revolution Software has announced Broken Sword: The Director's Cut, which will be released on the App Store "within a month".

Like last year's Beneath a Steel Sky - Remastered, Broken Sword will have a new touch-screen interface and updated graphics. There will be fresh cut-scenes drawn by renowned artist Dave Gibbons, too, plus a context-sensitive help system to ease you through the celebrated adventure game.

In total, Revolution reckons there's an extra 20 per cent more gameplay.

There's no confirmation of price, but Beneath a Steel Sky's £2.99 tag offers a strong hint of what to expect.

Released in 1996, Broken Sword follows detective Nico Collard as he investigates the murder of a Parisian statesman. A routine homicide soon unfolds into an elaborate plot involving Knights Templar and an age-old conspiracy.

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