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Majesco reveals 3D shooter for Wii

You're in the movies, apparently.

Majesco has announced the world's first 3D shooter for Wii, known as Attack of the Movies 3D.

Developed by Panic Button, the game will be out this summer packaged with four pairs of 3D glasses - therefore four-player multiplayer should come as no surprise.

The idea is to plop you in the middle of classic-film-inspired sets that are alien-riddled, shark-riddled, robot-riddled, zombie-riddled and so on. Majesco's blurb promises you'll experience a "realism and dimensionality" that only cinemas have previously been able to provide.

You're also promised replayability as enemies will be unpredictable, paths branching, areas unique and environments "challenging" - a bit like the snow this morning.

There are no screenshots or video clips available at the moment.