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God of War III dated for Japan

March date a clue for Europe?

Sony's given God of War III a concrete Japanese date of 25th March 2010.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Sony hasn't been more specific than "March", although this latest scrap suggests a 26th March date is likely.

The publisher told Eurogamer this afternoon that nothing has been confirmed and may not be for a few weeks.

Europe's also heard nothing more of the God of War Collection, the Blu-ray revival of PS2 games God of War I & II. This was released in the US last year, so importing is an option.

God of War III, alongside Heavy Rain and perhaps Gran Turismo 5, is another glitz-and-glamour first-party exclusive Sony has lined up for early 2010.

Head over to our gamepage below for the God of War III story so far.

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