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Harmonix not making Green Day: RB

DLC team Demiurge will.

Rock Band creator Harmonix will not be making the Green Day spin-off that was announced in December 2009.

Instead, track pack maker Demiurge will do the honours.

"Not included in the announcement was the fact that Demiurge Studios was working on Green Day: Rock Band. And I gotta say, it's pretty freakin' awesome working on it. I'd love to tell you more, but NDAs, yada yada yada, so I can't say much else," Adam Rosenfield, an employee at Demiurge, wrote on his blog (via VG247).

This revelation supports what MTV bigwig Paul De Goyer said last week, when he told Newsarama that Green Day: Rock Band is "of course not going to be our only game this year".

Rock Band 3? Let's hope.