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DAO Return to Ostagar delayed

No word on a new release date yet.

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BioWare has delayed the release of Dragon Age: Origins downloadable add-on Return to Ostagar on all platforms.

No new date has been set.

Community top dog Chris Priestly broke the news on the BioWare forum.

"We're sorry but the planned Return to Ostagar downloadable content scheduled to launch on January 5th has been delayed for all platforms," he wrote. "We will update you as new information becomes available."

Return to Ostagar returns players to the blood-strewn battlefield of Ostagar - the city outside of which the Grey Wardens made a stand against the Darkspawn and were nearly wiped out.

The add-on will eventually be available for £3.99 on PS3, 400 Microsoft Points (£3.40/€4.80) on Xbox 360 and 400 BioWare Points (£3.10) on PC.

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