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Phoenix Wright heads WiiWare update

Plus: Electroplankton! Sudoku! That's it.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney heads today's WiiWare update, and brings Capcom's brilliant DS court-room adventure onto Wii for the first time.

The idea is to build a case by searching crime scenes and questioning key characters. Once satisfied, Phoenix Wright can step into the wooden room of law and and present his case to judge and jury, cross-examining witnesses and revealing holes in testimonies.

How Wiimote waggling will compare to DS stylus swiping remains to be seen. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney costs 1000 Wii Points (£7/€8).

Over on DSiWare are three bite-sized offerings. Remember Electroplankton? Nintendo's pulled the Beatnes and Hanenbow creatures out for their own musical spin-off applications. In them you tap the creature's body parts to make different sounds, and you can layer in rhythms on top. The applications cost 200 DSi Points (£1.80/€2) a pop.

Sudoku Sensei's the other DSiWare game, and this packs-in 150 intermediate to advanced Sudoku puzzles. The cost: 500 DSi Points (£4.50/€5).