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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney movie worldwide release planned

No objections from us.

The official Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney movie will release outside of Japan, its director Takashi Miike has confirmed.

Miike confirmed plans to release different dubbed and subtitled versions of the courtroom detective drama for each region, during a Q&A session attended by Twitchfilm. This is good news as certain character's names vary wildly from country to country.

The movie's plot follows that of the original game in the Ace Attorney series, first released on Game Boy Advance in 2001.

Character designs appear to follow the game's art style as closely as possible, and familiar versions of the original cast are easily recognisable.

Director Takashi Miike is probably best known outside of Japan for directing ultra-violent manga adaptation Ichi the Killer, as well as bizarre musical horror The Happiness of the Katakuris. No stranger to the world of video game adaptations, he has also helmed a trilogy of Dead or Alive films.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: The Film will be released 11th February in Japan.