Ace Attorney Investigations 2

Takashi Miike to direct Ace Attorney film?

Notorious gorehound teases new project.

Notoriously gore-obsessed Japanese movie director Takashi Miike has hinted that his next project is a film adaptation of Capcom's light-hearted Ace Attorney franchise.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Japan-only?

Capcom not planning Western release.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2, the latest entry in Capcom's much-loved DS detective franchise, isn't getting a European or US release, according to comments from the publisher.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 details

In Ace Attorney Investigations 2 eccentric prosecutor Miles Edgeworth is in prison.

He's not a prisoner he's investigating some nefarious goings on with sidekick Kay Faraday.

The game's official site splurges the details (translated by Andriasang), along with some new screens you can see below.

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