Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

The jury's verdict is in. And it's... Recommended.


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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review

"All rise!"

"Your Honour, we are here today to hear the case of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, two popular 3DS puzzle series brought together for the first time by franchise creators Level-5 and Capcom. We will seek to establish that this collaboration has been both creatively fruitful and rewarding for fans of both."

"Your Honour, as the prosecution team, we wish to assert that this 'game' is nothing more than a cheap cash-in, with little artistic merit, that will annoy fans of either title. We also would like to assert that the defence team smells of wee."

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Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney gets a Japanese launch trailer

The highly desired Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney has a new launch trailer in honour of its recent release in Japan.

We get to see the usually button down Phoenix Wright tackle a knight, Layton staying calm in the face of magic and danger, like a gentleman does, and of course, there's lots of index finger pointing.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on whether the Level-5/Capcom joint venture will make it to the west. Every game in the Professor Layton series has made it over here, but the same cannot be said of his pointy haired lawyer friend. (Or adversary. I don't really know since I don't speak Japanese nor do I have a Japanese 3DS. The system is region locked, unlike the original DS).

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Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney gets a TGS trailer

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney gets a TGS trailer

Hold it! No Western release confirmed.

A new Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer has emerged from Tokyo Game Show detailing the 3DS crossover of two of the medium's most beloved sleuths.

Unfortunately a western release is still to be confirmed, despite the game coming out 29th November in Japan. But hey, we live in a world where a game about pomeranians fighting ostriches is making its way west, so stranger things have happened.

Check out the Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer TGS trailer below for all the finger-pointing, puzzle solving, globe trotting madness.

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Prof Layton Spectre's Call release date

Prof Layton Spectre's Call release date

Fourth DS puzzler gets November launch.

Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call will launch across Europe on 25th November, Nintendo has announced.

But European gamers will miss out on 100-hour RPG London Life, an extra mode found in US and Japanese copies of the game.

It features characters from the Layton series and is developed by Brownie Brown, the Nintendo-owned studio behind GBA cult classic Mother 3 - which also never arrived on European shores.

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Inafune surprised Layton/Wright happened

Didn't think Capcom would work with rival.

Keiji Inafune was "80 per cent certain" that the company would refuse Level 5's request to collaborate on a crossover Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright game, the Capcom producer has revealed in an interview.

Layton VS Phoenix Wright only for Japan

But, with your support, it could head west.

Exciting crossover 3DS game Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright is as of right now a Japan-only title, but with gamers' support it could come to the West, Capcom's said.