Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy getting UK 3DS launch

Digital release due this winter - no objections here.

Capcom announces Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for iOS

DS games with upgraded graphics, touch-screen controls and Everyone Object mode. First screenshots inside.

Capcom announces Ace Attorney 5 in development

First three Phoenix Wright games to get iOS bundle.

Video | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney movie trailer

First look at Takashi Miike's live action flick.

Takashi Miike to direct Ace Attorney film?

Notorious gorehound teases new project.

Ghost Trick prepares to haunt iPhone

Ace Attorney man's latest goes mobile.

Phoenix Wright released on iPhone

Ace Attorney costs three quid.

Phoenix Wright heads WiiWare update

Plus: Electroplankton! Sudoku! That's it.

Phoenix Wright on WiiWare this week

Europeans can play on Friday.

Ace Attorney WiiWare ports for Europe

Three games due out in 2010.

Phoenix Wright confirmed for WiiWare

Japan to get five titles, no word on West.

Phoenix Wright coming to Wii?

German ratings board suggests so.

New Phoenix Wright spin-off on the way?

Famitsu waving evidence-flag.

Ace Attorney 5 announced

But we're still waiting for three.

Phoenix Wright returns to DS

It's all gone a bit Uri Geller.

Review | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

All DS games should be this good by law.