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Ace Attorney 5 announced

But we're still waiting for three.

Capcom has confirmed that it's working on a fifth game in the Ace Attorney series of DS courtroom dramas.

The announcement slipped out at a presentation to financial analysts in Tokyo yesterday, when company president and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto made mention of Gyakuten Saiban 5 - Gyakuten Saiban being the Japanese name for the hugely popular franchise.

The first two games in the series have been released in the US and Europe as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and its sequel, Justice For All. The third gets its American release in September, under the title Trials and Tribulations. A European release date hasn't been announced yet, but in the meantime, let Tom fill you in on the details.

The fourth Ace Attorney came out in Japan last month, and sold like hot cakes. It was the first to be developed exclusively for DS - previous instalments made their Japanese debuts on GBA, although the West has only ever seen DS releases. Are you following this?

Ace Attorney 4 is also the first of the games not to feature Phoenix Wright as the main character - it takes place seven years later and stars a certain Housuke Odoroki. There's no word yet who the lead of Ace Attorney 5 will be.

Western translations of the fourth and fifth games haven't been confirmed, but if Trials and Tribulations continues Phoenix Wright's cult success in gaijin lands, we wouldn't be at all surprised.