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Phoenix Wright back this year

In DS port of third GBA title.

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The evidence has been pointing to it for a while, but Capcom has officially confirmed that it plans to release Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations on Nintendo DS.

Due out in the US this September, Trials and Tribulations is based on the Game Boy Advance game released in Japan several years ago, and sees Phoenix teaming up yet again with Maya Fey and her famously dead sister Mia in an adventure that mixes investigation and courtroom intrigue with fancy haircuts and shouting.

This time you get to play as Phoenix and Maya as they take on a new prosecutor called Godot, who used to have it off with Mia and also used to be in a coma. Yeah, but what's he done lately?

All good stuff, then, but be careful not to confuse Trials and Tribulations with the fourth Ace Attorney game, released in Japan last week. That game, unlike its Japanese DS predecessors, does not offer a built-in English translation, sparking outrage amongst Eurogamers everywhere (mainly John).

Hopefully we'll get to see them both in the end, but in the meantime, Trials and Tribulations will do. For more on Phoenix Wright, be sure to have a poke around our original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review and of course our Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All review. Both games are out now.

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