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Japanese all-female theatre troupe plans Ace Attorney stage show

Wright up our street.

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An all-female Japanese musical theatre company is preparing to mount a production of "Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney 3".

The troupe, Takarazuka Revue - which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014 - is set to stage the show in January next year.

It's the company's second take on the franchise after the first two Phoenix Wright games were turned into a popular production in 2009. That show attracted an audience of 50,000 people.

The new Ace Attorney 3 production will centre on Phoenix Wright rival Miles Edgeworth, marking a slight change from the game series. The series' third game focuses on Wright, so its likely the upcoming stage show will actually adapt that game's spin-off, the Miles Edgeworth-focused Ace Attorney Investigations.

Capcom's Ace Attorney series has now sold over 4.3 million copies worldwide. A fifth major entry is in development for unspecified platforms, alongside 3DS crossover adventure Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

It's not the first time the Phoenix Wright series has gotten actors dressing up and applying liberal amounts of hair gel. Capcom blessed a recent movie version of the first Ace Attorney game, which launched in Japan this year. It received mixed reviews.

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