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Dragon Age expansion for March?

Pulled retailer listing reckons so.

EA and BioWare may be readying a hulking Dragon Age expansion for release at retail in March.

The pack, subtitled Awakening, follows a new main character through a new prologue section and 15 hours of new gameplay content. You will need the original Dragon Age: Origins game in order to play.

That's according to online retailers whose revelatory listings have now been pulled, although Eurogamer Czech was ready to snap up the news while others ate mince pies - oh was that just us?

Dragon Age: Awakening will apparently be released for PC on 19th March for around two-thirds the price of the original game. Kotaku also spotted Xbox 360 version but found no mention of the expansion on PS3.

Dragon Age: Origins was released at the end of last year and scored well on PC. Both our PC and console reviews of BioWare's dark fantasy epic can be found on the gamepages below.