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Get Games expands range with sale offers

Tropico, King's Bounty, indie titles for cheap.

Get Games, the fledgling download service from the Eurogamer Network, has expanded its catalogue and is offering promotional deals on a selection of PC games to celebrate.

The Indie Special bundle offers Trine, Eufloria and Machinarium for £29.95, a total saving of nearly £17. "Effortlessly lovely" side-scrolling platformer Trine picked up an 8/10 from Dan W. at review, as did gorgeous point-and-click puzzle adventure Machinarium from Dan P., while abstract strategy game Eufloria didn't do so well but it's really pretty.

You can also save £10 on the salsa-licious city-builder Tropico 3 (8/10), picking it up for £19.99, or take advantage of a half-price deal on cult strategy-RPG sequel King's Bounty: Armored Princess (oh, look - another 8/10). That's "a mighty, beautiful and highly-polished game, and a welcome presence on any PC," according to Alec, for £12.49.

Get Games launched late last year with a Serious Sam HD offer, and promises to offer a selection of independent and publisher, niche and mainstream titles at low prices and via a direct download from the simple website. The range will expand to over 150 games in "the coming weeks", and watch out for more promotional offers every week.

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