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Project Zero 4 translated to English

Fans do what Tecmo didn't.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Japanese Wii horror game Fatal Frame IV (Project Zero 4) has been translated into English by a determined group of fans.

What's more, the language patch enables the game to run from an SD memory card and so becomes region free.

Fansite Beyond the Camera's Lens (via Joystiq) did the legwork and deserves a big hug and kiss. You can also donate, should you wish.

Play-Asia should fulfil your import needs.

Fatal Frame (Project Zero in the West) is an excellent survival horror series that revolves around taking photos of ghosts. To find out more, catch-up with Eurogamer's reviews of Project Zero, Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly and Project Zero 3: The Tormented.

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