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3DS Project Zero/Fatal Frame game outed

Relies on AR Notebook accessory.

The Project Zero (Fatal Frame) team are working on a new, similar-sounding game for 3DS.

Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by Andriasang) revealed the game's name as Shinrei Shashin (Spirit Photo).

The game comes with an AR Notebook item that is apparently used heavily throughout.

Spirit Photo's main mode is AR Story: Zero: Purple Diary. This has you work alongside a girl you brought into the real world to solve the mystery of the spooky Purple Diary - the AR Notebook. Will each page have hidden codes that the 3DS camera can read to produce pictures of objects and, perhaps, ghosts?

Spirit Photo also has a Horror Notebook mini-game mode and Ghost Camera photo mode.

Project Zero (Fatal Frame) is a highly regarded series about exploring dark, haunted places infested with malicious ghosts. You can only see these spirits using a camera, however, and you can only damage them by taking pictures.

Eurogamer's Project Zero review awarded 9/10 in 2002. Eurogamer's Project Zero 2 review awarded another 9/10 in 2005. Our Project Zero 3 review turned up an 8/10 in 2006.

Eurogamer's Fatal Frame IV review on Wii turned up 7/10.

Project Zero is known as Fatal Frame in the US and as Zero in Japan.